Full and Functional Based Clinical Services

At Cmed, we’re proud to have successfully delivered more than 500 clinical projects in the past 16 years. We provide a full portfolio of solutions, from full service to functionally based standalone offerings. Cmed has you covered – for every step, every solution, every study.


Proven support across the development lifecycle

>  Simplify your process with a single vendor.

>  Streamline delivery with our efficient contracting and costing processes.

>  Benefit from our focus on quality, integrity, risk management and timely 

>  Be supported by world-class expertise and technology, no matter where
    you are in the clinical development process.


In addition to our proven experience in the delivery of full service clinical trials, Cmed has established robust biometrics Functional Service Provision (FSP) partnerships with some of the world’s largest biopharma companies – so your bespoke solution is based on global best practices learned through hands-on experience.


Creating efficiencies to save you time and money

>  Establishing data standards and standards specific to each customer.

>  Reducing document review time with standardization and consistency.

>  Collecting and reporting data in a consistent format.

>  Using shared SOPs, work instructions and best practices.


We welcome the opportunity to help define the best solution for your clinical trial needs. Please contact us anytime.