Oncology & Rare Diseases

Achieving success with oncology and rare disease therapies requires a deeper level of understanding across multiple disciplines. At Cmed, this is an area of passion and expertise. We are committed to lessening the impact that cancer and rare diseases have on patients, their families and the healthcare system.




Oncology trials are challenging on the best of days – but when you add in the complexity of advanced therapy development, they can become overwhelming. Trust Cmed to help you every step of the way.


100+ oncology studies in more than 1,400 investigator sites since 2004


More than 60% of our clinical studies are cancer studies, including breast, lung, prostate, colorectal and other solid cancers, and hematological cancers.


Rare diseases


The design and delivery of rare disease trials is different from almost any other type of trial. It is critical to account for steps which may seem routine but have hidden challenges.


>  Regulatory challenges
>  Patient enrollment and logistics
>  Country and site selection
>  Trial design
>  Medicinal product logistics
>  Data collection and delivery
>  Statistical support


Cmed has extensive experience designing and delivering studies for many rare diseases, including Cushing’s disease, PNH, HAE, sickle cell, juvenile arthritis, glioblastoma, multiple myeloma, cystic fibrosis, AML, NOMID, lipoprotein lipase deficiency and alpha-mannosidosis.


The Cmed difference


>  Highly qualified medical, scientific, regulatory and operational staff with 
    extensive drug development experience, supported by a network of KOLs
    and contacts.
>  High-quality consulting on business, regulatory, medical and scientific 
    objectives – as well as detailed review of the operational aspects of your trials.
>  Extensive knowledge of the global regulatory environment and legislation, 
    including clinical trial supplies issues and the most appropriate solutions.
>  Extensive global network of investigators with a successful track record of 
    high enrollment, supplemented by the use of internal and external database
>  Highly experienced project teams that make proactive decisions, but are 
    flexible enough to respond to your needs.
encapsia™, Cmed’s new generation Clinical Data Suite, provides clear
    advantages such as better, faster decision making; real-time transparency into
    subject data; remote capture and review of data; and reduced time and
    cost of trials.


If you are planning a clinical project in oncology and/or rare diseases, we would be delighted to speak with you and discuss how our expertise in these areas can translate into a successful clinical project.