Reduced Monitoring

As clinical development becomes increasingly complex and expensive, Cmed is focussed on developing strategies to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of conducting clinical trials.


Having CRAs regularly travel to investigator sites to monitor data and trial conduct is usually one of the most costly components of conducting a clinical trial. These days, many individuals and organizations, including Health Authority Regulators, recognize that not every study or site requires the same level of monitoring while newer technologies and processes may not only reduce this requirement, but may actually improve the quality of data.


Tailored to meet your needs

At Cmed we develop our monitoring strategies by working with you to assess the many aspects of the study, the critical endpoints, the patients, the investigator sites etc. and determine and agree the optimal approach. We also recognise that clinical trials are dynamic and will review and agree any changes with you during the course of the trial.


More flexibility, more options

Cmed’s in house eClinical technologies are able to provide you and the sites with more and better options to ensure data are captured, managed, monitored and reviewed in the most efficient possible manner.


We are able to not only tailor monitoring visits to the needs of your particular study and site performance, but also we can support:

> Risk based monitoring

> E-source (whereby sites capture the clinical data live as source thus avoiding
   transcription of source data into an eCRF)

> Remote review of source data


What’s more, we can do this flexibly across a study using different approaches, for different sites. No forcing a single solution on sites irrespective of preferences, needs or experience! Please talk with us to find our more.