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Smart eDC & eClinical

Designing and developing new technology which contributes to the conduct of clinical trials better; differently, faster or less expensively, is what we call ‘Smart EDC’. Our Timaeus platform is a strong example. Timaeus is not like any other EDC system due to its architecture. Timaeus’ innovative structure provides a number of benefits to our clients including rapid database build (weeks not months), mid-trial updates without down-time and non-reliance on the internet. These benefits lead to many advantages including the removal of EDC build from study start-up, no restriction on investigator site selection, no negative impact on recruitment timelines due to design changes, and elevated investigator motivation. Timaeus has been deployed in over 400 clinical trials and has successfully passed multiple audits.
In addition to Smart EDC, our best-in-breed eClinical suite consists of many commercially available technologies including IMPACT® CTMS, PharmaReady®, SharePoint® and ArisG®.