About Cmed

Every step, every solution, every study

Cmed is an innovative, full service, technology-led CRO, established in 2000 by a team of experts passionate about helping customers deliver highly successful clinical trials. We bring together an experienced team and our own innovative technology to inspire and drive real progress throughout the clinical trial process – for every step, every solution, every study. Our vision is to conduct clinical trials better than anyone else to help patients and ultimately save lives.


We have earned a strong reputation for successfully delivering complex, demanding and innovative clinical trials in various therapeutic areas, with considerable therapeutic expertise in both oncology and rare diseases.


Proud to be true partners

Our friendly, experienced team works with you to help design and deliver your trials effectively, on time and on budget. You’ll get global scope and relevant expertise. You’ll also get “Actionable Insights”, a dashboard that publishes active, real-time visualizations. These help your ongoing project planning and inform your critical decision points with all the necessary information, no matter how complex your trial.


We are proud of our partnerships with our customers – and take delight in offering responsive service and proactive solutions. We’re passionate about listening, responding, anticipating and adapting to meet your evolving needs. At Cmed, we truly understand how daily challenges come with the territory. 
From data to decisions

encapsia™, our new generation Clinical Data Suite, streamlines the clinical data capture, management and reporting process. It allows Cmed to help significantly enhance the delivery of clinical trials, saving you time and money. Clinical data can be captured flexibly, for example, from eSource, multi-media and web eDC, while being displayed live in “Actionable Insights.”


Live analytics allow you to take action with a full audit trail while real-time visibility of key data enables better and faster decisions thus supporting changes to your clinical development strategy. It’s also fully compliant with regulatory guidelines, and allows integration with other eClinical systems, including other eDC systems.


The tangible results? Reductions in monitoring time, errors and overall costs.


A team that gets you to the finish line

The Cmed team lives and breathes customer service. We’re dedicated to listening, understanding and learning – so we can offer you the best possible solutions and that great feeling of being valued.


With us, you will experience:

>  Our dedication and passion for making your trial a success.

>  Project managers committed to keeping your trial on track.

>  A continuous focus on quality and compliance.

>  Friendly, supportive and responsive customer service.

>  Seasoned expertise built on decades of industry experience.