Data Management

We thrive on the challenge of complex trials. Since 2000, Cmed’s expert data management team has provided a full range of cost-effective services and solutions. Our team’s capabilities rival those of a larger CRO, with the added benefit of highly personal customer service. With experience across all phases and most indications, we deliver consistently.


Our Lead Data Managers undergo a strict training program – not only on technical details but also on project fundamentals. So you’ll be in good hands.


Key services

>  Database design and setup to give you a reliable system within 6-8 weeks
    of start-up.
>  Integrated tools for automatic generation of documentation, reducing
    compliance risks and providing better alignment across functions – have
    everyone sing from the same sheet of music.
>  Experience with Cmed’s new generation Clinical Data Suite encapsia™
    and other systems such as RAVE® and INFORM®.
>  Extensive computerized system validation experience. All systems are
    21CRFPart 11 compliant.
>  Complex designs are routine for Cmed. We can easily program adaptive
    designs with no system shutdown for protocol amendments using
    Timaeus® system.
>  Understanding of the up- and down-stream effects of data changes. We work 
    very closely across all data and medical functions to ensure overall better 
    quality data.
>  A suite of reporting tools and dashboards for ongoing access to your
    data. View or query at any given point in time, whenever you need.
>  Holistic review of the data with the use of analytics and central data
    monitoring tools. We are all looking at the same data and for better
    management of that data (for example better identification of unplanned
    data challenges).
>  Cost-effective solutions supported with the ability to review data remotely.
>  Significant experience in rescue studies. Contact us for our case studies.
>  Design and management of eSource studies using Cmed’s new generation 
    encapsia™ Clinical Data Suite.
>  Long-standing relationships.


Do we deliver on our commitments?


Our 95% repeat business would indicate that we do. As a customer shared: “We have a very efficient collaboration because you know and understand the study very well and can translate our needs into data.” Well said!