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Other Systems

Our Timaeus® system is a single platform for clinical data management and electronic data capture. We continue to successfully use Timaeus® for many clinical studies. It has been deployed in more than 400 clinical studies thus far and has successfully passed multiple audits. Timaeus® was recognized by many, including large IT vendors, as the most sophisticated design of any eDM/eDC to date, until Cmed launched encapsia™.


In addtion, Cmed uses a number of commercially available technologies, including IMPACT® CTMS, SharePoint® and ArisG™.


>  IMPACT® provides trial planning, start-up, monitoring and investigator
    management functionalities, including site selection capabilities through
    investigator profiling functionality based on historical trial performance.
    The system is instrumental in planning and tracking recruitment rates and
    site activities.

>  The Cmed SharePoint Portal is a website which pulls together all of the data
    and information useful for the ongoing management of a clinical trial or
    program. The Portal is not only an innovative “one-stop-shop” providing the
    latest summary data, graphs, reports, newsfeeds, document repositories,
    calendars and contact details, but it also has a class-leading data visualization
    functionality which allows for much greater data clarity.

>  We also use the pre-validated Aris Global safety database (ARISg™) through 
    the agOnDemand™ platform. ARISg™ is the world’s leading
    pharmacovigilance and clinical safety system, offering capabilities for
    reporting adverse events not just for drugs but also for vaccines,
    biologics, devices and combination products.