Make the move to eSource with encapsia™

encapsia™ eSource is an App that can be downloaded via Apple Apps onto an iPad and supports mobile direct source data capture of clinical data and source data (eSource). The app can be used online or offline, and supports concurrent data entry by multiple users, as well as multi-media data capture. The eSource App is highly intuitive, having been developed with extensive site input, and reduces the burden on sites and fits into clinical workflow.


Importantly, encapsia™ eSource eliminates the time lost between a patient’s visit and clean, verified data being made available for decision making. The App also allows users to continue to use their iPad normally with: websites, communications, documents etc.


>  Reduces the source data verification burden for clinical monitors and
    frequency and cost of site visits.


>  Direct capture of source data.


>  The multimedia function enables data capture of authenticated copies of
    source data e.g. source notes, traces, EMR screens.


>  Being part of encapsia™, all the other clinical trial data, e.g. labs, web EDC
    can be captured, managed, cleaned, loaded and aggregated.


>  Powerful, configurable visualizations also give you live “Insights” and
    immediate  analytics of your trial to identify and analyze issues both easily
    and rapidly, reducing monitoring time, errors and cost. Actions can be
    taken and tracked within encapsia™.


With encapsia™, Cmed delivers eSource and EDC on the same platform. This advanced App based suite is flexible, easy to use and available now. encapsia™ enables the reduction in time, cost and resource necessary to run your trials.


Take a look at the eSource App in action: