Full service, oncology focused CRO

Cmed specializes in complex disease areas, particularly oncology, immuno-oncology, cell therapy and other specialty therapeutics areas.

Clinical trials in oncology, especially involving cell & gene therapy (e.g. CAR T cells) are increasingly complex and demanding.

Cmed delivers these with expertise, a personalised, flexible approach and a next generation clinical data platform, particularly beneficial for complex trials, including cell therapy studies.

Clinical Data Science Specialists

True Data Science is more than managing and analyzing clinical data through good systems, processes or integrations. It’s about having people with a deep understanding of the data and can extract the information you need for your decisions, quickly.

Founded almost 20 years ago, Cmed has substantial resources and in house expertise across Data Management, Biostatistics, and PVG/Safety.

Our team has a wealth of experience gained from exposure to a vast variety of study designs. Small, large, simple or complex, early or late phase, adaptive or dynamic, we are true data specialists covering all aspects of clinical trial data collection, management, analysis and reporting, across multiple TAs.

True Partners

Cmed has a strong reputation for commitment to your project and for successful delivery.

Clinical trials can be difficult and demanding, especially in complex disease areas, such as oncology and cell and gene therapy. We understand the need to manage increasingly complex data from multiple sources.

With flexibility at heart, the Cmed team lives and breathes customer service. We are dedicated to listening, understanding and learning, with the aim of offering you a collaborative, open, straightforward and tailored range of solutions for your clinical trial development.

At Cmed, you’ll always receive commitment, urgency and tenacity as we continuously work to improve, innovate and build lasting partnerships. All our clients are important to us.

With Cmed you will experience


Cmed’s vision as a leading CRO is not only to conduct clinical trials better than anyone else, but also to continue being known for our great customer service. It’s part of our culture that Cmed employees live every day. Our philosophy is built on:

  • A passion for listening, discussing and understanding the issue.
  • A goal-oriented focus and the delivery of superior customer management, offering both responsive and flexible, proactive solutions.
  • Always learning from experience, identifying needs and developing the best solutions.
  • Working to build trust and long-term relationships.
  • Making all our customers, actual or prospective, feel special and valued.

With care and attention, we work hard to ensure our customers know how important they are to us. We are delighted when clients recognize our high level of service, tell us they feel valued, and send their repeat business and referrals.


We are dedicated to helping our customers develop and speed new medicines to market to help improve and save people’s lives. That’s why we invest heavily in building a CRO that is both led and managed by industry experts recognized for their extensive knowledge.

Our leaders don’t just run the business – they actively provide hands-on training to our people. We also invest in hiring and developing talent at all levels to ensure we have experienced teams, whatever the functional or geographical scope of the project.

Our collective experience includes:

  • Designing clinical projects that accomplish Biopharma commercial objectives.
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities in Europe, the U.S., Asia-Pacific and Latin America.
  • The successful setup, management and delivery of full service clinical projects across a wide range of therapeutic areas.
  • Managing clinical trials that range in scope from individual countries/ regions through to large, global, multi-continent studies.
  • Setting up and leading Functional Service Provision (FSP) relationships, especially in the field of Biometrics.


Trust Cmed to deliver real value, with solutions which allow you to achieve your objectives more efficiently and effectively. In addition to our particular strengths in oncology, immuno-oncology, cell and gene therapy, we have also amassed experience across a number of other therapeutic areas, including neurology, cardiovascular, respiratory, infectious disease, endocrinology, gastroenterology, dermatology and ophthalmology.

Cmed has successfully designed and delivered both full service and standalone projects in biometrics FSP, regulatory affairs, medical writing, clinical operations, and medical/ drug safety services. We offer consulting services to support protocol design and the creation of clinical development plans.

Cmed was founded almost 20 years ago with a mass of experience as an organization as well as through its people

600+ projects successfully designed and delivered across Phases I – IV

If you would like further details of our CRO experience in a specific phase, therapeutic area, service provision, or consulting area, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Passion is at the heart of our company. It sets us apart and shines through in everything we do.

We are passionate about applying our innovative technology and expertise in clinical development to deliver clinical trials better than anyone else. This is what we believe in. And this is how we live it every day:

  • Enjoying the work we do for our customers.
  • Relishing our role as part of a bigger team.
  • Desiring to go the extra mile (or kilometer!) for you.
  • Taking pride in what we achieve together with our clients.
  • Seeing that what we do makes a difference in people’s lives.

People make a difference – but passionate people make a bigger difference!


At Cmed, we understand that quality compliance and governance are critical to the success and integrity of the clinical trials we run. We ensure the quality of the services we provide by:

  • Understanding and improving our operational processes through identifying challenges and issues - and focussing on continuous improvement.
  • Deploying performance measurements across all aspects of our business and managing accordingly.
  • Keeping up to date with any changes to regulatory requirements and industry best practices.
  • Routinely seeking customer satisfaction, both informally and formally.

This high standard of quality, and conformity to compliance and governance is uniform across all of the services we offer at Cmed, including our encapsia Clinical Data Suite. By understanding and improving our service offering, we are able to provide greater clinical trial results - and more streamlined data capture.

Our Quality Assurance group manages our robust Quality Management System (QMS), which includes routine, independent audits on internal departments and processes.

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