We are flexible, efficient and never forget your needs are paramount


We are flexible, efficient and never forget your needs are paramount

80% of our customers are small biopharma companies. We will ensure the success of your clinical trials because we are organized to be dynamic and flexible in our processes and systems, and we have the skills and experience to find and implement rapid and effective solutions to the wide range of challenges your trial can face. We have the size and infrastructure to deliver, but unlike bigger CROs we will never forget how much we value you as our customer.

Why choose Cmed as your partner CRO?

Up-to-date global expertise in clinical trial conduct

  • Our team has deep and broad experience in the conduct of many types of clinical trials including decentralized and hybrid studies.
  • We benefit from a 20 year track record in both early and later phase clinical development programs with both large and small biopharma companies. Every trial is an opportunity to learn, share and apply best practices with constant improvement.
  • Our management, compliance and QA staff drive our quality with rigor and determination. We have undergone many customer audits which attest to our quality.
  • Nearly 60% of our collaborations are repeat engagements.

Flexible and dynamic

  • Cmed is a flexible CRO partner who understands that one size does not fit all.
  • We work with you to determine the most appropriate range of services and the scope of our support to ensure the best fit and the best outcome – from full-service solutions to more specific service combinations.

Superior technology

  • As a technology-led CRO, we can tailor our mix of in-house and commercially available solutions to find the best fit for your program.
  • Our game-changing EDC and eSource platform, encapsia, is a single solution that covers eSource, EDC and CDMS. It gives you access to powerful analytics and visualizations, simplifies third party dataloads, and features built-in issue tracking and management.
  • As an alternative, our Data Managers are accredited in the use of Medidata’s Rave EDC system.
  • We use many commercially available technologies including IMPACT® CTMS, PharmaReady®, SharePoint® and ArisG®.

The perfect size

  • We’re a mid-size CRO with the scope and experience to help you deliver across the entire clinical development lifecycle.
  • We provide the high level of customer service, personal attention, speed, flexibility and 24⁄7 access to data required by small biopharma companies.

Financially smart

  • Cmed provides financial transparency with our project budgets to avoid unexpected surprises, which can be particularly problematic when funds and time are limited.
  • We are familiar with the needs of small biopharma companies either going through rounds of funding or selling products to other companies.
  • Access to information necessary for due diligence and predictable cash flows are typical requirements for our clients.
  • We provide unit-based costs to make it clear what charges are applied to which services and at what price.
  • We do not “low-ball” our proposals budgets to win business and then build back contract value through multiple change orders.

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