Searchable Selection Tables for Site Selection of Data

Technical support for a large observational study

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A top 5 Pharma company was collecting data for a global disease registry from over 10,000 patients. To avoid collecting “free text” they wanted the study sites to use extensive “pick lists”. These lists consisted of over 12,000 unique options so could not be just simple lists.


Cmed needed to:

  • Create a solution that would enable site staff to review, filter and select the required option (from an extensive set of options)
  • Provide a “press of a button” solution to make the selection and ensure information was recorded in the eCRF
  • Guarantee data traceability and Integrity




Cmed specializes in innovative technical solutions for our sponsors. By listening carefully to requirements and applying previous experience of solving complex problems, Cmed:

  • Implemented a new system feature in encapsia, with workflow controls to ensure that the appropriate selection table could be used to identify the required data option
  • Programmed and validated a “button” to search and select data from a large data table which could then place the required data into the eCRF
  • Provided users at site with on-screen guidance and visibility of the data selections


Cmed provided:

  • A user-friendly solution which minimized data variability
  • A consistent and validated method for data option selection which the client knew would stand up to regulatory scrutiny
  • A fully validated, custom feature within encapsia to address a client’s specific needs

Case Study Key Facts    
Size of study >10,000 patients
Type of study Global disease registry
Client type Top 5 pharmaceutical company
Project timeline Q3 2020
Other background This feature looks very simple for site users but there is significant complexity behind the scenes to make it work effectively with an easy-to-use interface.

Praise from our client

“It's a good solution to the problem and I have not seen anything like this before”

Data Management Lead at the sponsor

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