Complex Trials

Complex doesn't have to mean confusing

Complex doesn’t have to mean confusing. Today’s advanced therapeutic products require complex clinical trials which generate maximum data from each patient, as quickly and accurately as possible. To succeed, you need a CRO partner with the expertise and experience to understand where the complexities are and how to manage them. Let Cmed help you make complex trials achievable.


Study Design

  • Detailed/unique schedule of events
  • Bayesian/Adaptive design, with many simulations run during the study
  • Complex patient path through the study, with many options/re-randomizations
  • Patient access and recruitment



Study Logistics

  • Number of biomarkers/sources of data
  • Country and site selection
  • Nature of the test product or indication being studied
  • Availability of data for key decisions
  • Remote monitoring of detailed patient data



Data Availability and Volume

  • End points derived from large volumes of data
  • Allowing clinical data to be available to sponsors for decision making

Cmed understands complex clinical trials. Period. We have earned our reputation for delivering complex and innovative clinical trials – with the people, expertise, in-depth experience and proprietary technologies to support your programs in a constantly evolving environment.

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