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Professionalism, flexibility and speed.

Cmed has been working with some of the largest pharma companies since our very beginning in 2000 and we continue to enjoy successful, long term relationships. Why? The reality is often the larger the pharma company, the more diverse its clinical research needs, whether by project, by indication area, by phase, by trial type, by location or other need. We are not a small CRO, and we don’t pretend to have the size and industrial scale of the big CROs either, but we can provide superb value plus, quite simply, Cmed can provide capabilities that others cannot.

Can you do this?

Can you see sophisticated data insights and advanced analytics immediately (live) as data are captured from the patient in the clinic, or even by the patient bed, or from a laboratory or a wearable sensor? All in the same place and in context of the Clinical Trial Data? Can you action this information instantly? Would this capability benefit your specific studies, support your decision making, drive a proof of concept or facilitate the review of patient safety? Do you want to address the problem of too many patients enrolled into studies who do not meet the protocol inclusion and exclusion criteria? Cmed provides services with professionalism, flexibility and speed of response. Our experience and size also enables us to provide personal attention, focus and quality that many of our competitors will struggle to match.

How can we help?

Cmed supports full service studies for several big Pharma sponsors but notably we have a large Biometrics function (we prefer to call it Data and Analytics, which better describes our modern approach and expertise) which specializes in building close, collaborative functional service models. Some of our existing FSP relationships involve the management of very large portfolios (80 studies/year) with robust governance models. This includes the management of Data Standards and Data Pooling in preparation of submissions.

We use our new generation clinical data suite encapsia, or as an alternative, our Data Managers are certified in the use of Medidata’s Rave eDC system.

We are particularly strong in handling fast and complex studies such as early phase, Proof of Concept, oncology, rare diseases and adaptive studies, as well as providing unique solutions to save money and be site “friendly” for late phase studies.

Choice and flexibility

We believe in choice, and in today’s complex, rapidly changing and agile world of clinical development, one system, one approach and one CRO doesn’t always fit all. Biggest doesn’t mean best! Tradition is in the past, the future is now!

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We can provide great references from our big Pharma clients. We can work flexibly with your organization and /or your other CROs. We align our solutions, both technology and services, with your strategy and to meet your specific needs.

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Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our skills and experience. We are friendly, open and here to help.

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