DIA 2016- A Gathering of Global Perspectives Recap

Written by Jessi Lanuza, Associate Director of Business Development

It was another great year to be an exhibitor at DIA’s Annual Meeting with thousands of sponsors, sites, vendors, and, YES!, patients sharing ideas and promoting conversation about important innovation in the Life Science Industry. Here are few highlights from the week. 

Philadelphia is great place to hold a conference. The entire City Center was very walk-able with many restaurants, hotels, and entertainment choices within blocks of the conference center. In addition to being walk-able, Philly is a very scenic city with surprises, such as this cool airplane crash sculpture, around every corner. 

With the competition for booth traffic high on the exhibit floor, everyone steps up their game. While there were hundreds of great ideas, my vote for best booth giveaway must go to Langland, a health advertising company based in the U.K. Their chocolate bars where both delicious and memorable … and did I mention the size? Stopping at their booth was like finding the neighborhood that gave away full sized candy bars at Halloween! 

While BREXIT and the Cancer Moonshot Initiative dominated conversations by the water cooler, it was eClinical, data management and patient engagement that dominated on the exhibit hall floor. Sponsors and sites are engaged on the topic of running clinical trials more efficiently. There is a real sense of urgency around scalable eSource and true remote monitoring; ultimately shortening the time spent on data management in a study and driving a drug more efficiently through the development cycle. Cmed was happy to be leading the conversation with the launch of encapsia; a new generation clinical data suite that includes eSource, remote monitoring, and real time insights in a scalable model that truly promises to change the way clinical trials are run. Faster, Smarter, Better; a vision for the industry and a mission for Cmed.