Cmed Showcases at Dpharm 2016

Written by Cmed

Cmed Showcases New Generation Technology at Dpharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials Conference

Cmed will be bringing its new generation Clinical Data Suite, encapsia, to this year’s DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials Conference (September 20-21, Boston). encapsia is at the heart of Cmed’s mission to make clinical trials better, faster and more efficient.

Visitors are invited to join the Cmed team at booth #11 to see live demonstrations of encapsia and experience first-hand many of the exciting features and benefits of the system. encapsia provides new methods for collecting data, better ways of visualizing the data collected and more tools to manage a trial. It includes mobile eSource, risk-based monitoring, remote monitoring of source data, multi-media capture via an iPad and web eDC, as well as live, actionable insights and immediate analytics.

As clinical development becomes increasingly complex and expensive, Cmed is focused on developing strategies to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of conducting clinical trials. encapsia heralds a new era for clinical trials with more and better options to ensure data are captured, managed, monitored and reviewed in the most efficient possible manner. It is unlike any of the existing “last generation” systems, and allows Cmed to significantly enhance the delivery of clinical trials – saving time and money.

Cmed, as a technology led CRO, brings together a team of experienced people with its own innovative technology to inspire and drive real progress throughout the clinical trial process. Cmed experts will be on hand throughout the two-day conference to talk to visitors about the company’s significant experience in bringing innovation to the design and conduct of complex and demanding clinical trials, particularly in oncology and rare diseases, and its development and deployment of advanced data capture and management technology.

To pre-arrange a meeting during Dpharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials, to schedule a demonstration of encapsia, or for further information, contact Cmed’s innovations team at