The Unattainable Trilogy of Monitoring?

Written by Cmed

Upcoming Webinar: Risk-Based Monitoring, Remote Monitoring and eSource: The Unattainable Trilogy of Monitoring?

A ‘Smart Monitoring’ Approach

On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, Xtalks will host a complimentary webinar featuring Graham Belgrave, Chief Operations Officer at Cmed and Jon Carter, Product Manager at Cmed, as the keynote speakers.

Over the last decade, the number, complexity and cost of clinical trials has increased dramatically. This means even more challenges for sponsors as they continue to meet their obligations to patient safety, data integrity and regulatory compliance, whilst in turn trying to control costs and shorten timelines.

With these increases also comes declining productivity, lower approval rates, greater regulatory scrutiny, and more competition for patients and sites. To continue the traditional approach means dealing with the high costs and inefficiencies of having CRAs travel regularly to sites. Many now recognize the need for an alternative way of monitoring trials to both reduce these costs and improve effectiveness.

As a CRO, Cmed understands the whole spectrum of trial types from Phase I and rare disease studies, right through to large complex multicenter oncology studies and peri approval trials, and that all these present different challenges and need approaches to monitor them effectively and efficiently.

Cmed believes that if the goal of faster, higher quality data at reduced cost is to be achieved a flexible combination of Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM), Remote Monitoring and eSource is the solution. In response Cmed has developed encapsia, a clinical data suite that supports all three, both flexibly and simultaneously.

encapsia is a new generation of technology all within one clinical data suite. It offers integrated, multiple ways for data capture, including mobile eSource, multi-media capture via an iPad and web eDC, while being displayed in live, actionable visual insights and providing live data analytics. During this webinar, speakers will demonstrate how with a combination of RBM, Remote Monitoring and direct capture of eSource it can reduce monitoring frequency and time onsite as well as increase data quality with real-time access to data.

Topics include:

  • Risk-based monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of source data
  • Capturing source data via tablet into the data suite
  • Live, actionable data analytics and more

For more information or to register for this free webinar, visit: Risk-Based Monitoring, Remote Monitoring and eSource: The Unattainable Trilogy of Monitoring? A ‘Smart Monitoring’ Approach