SCOPE Summit - 2017 Review

Written by Jessi Lanuza, Associate Director of Business Development

Another SCOPE is in the books and what a conference it was. Being in fabulous, sunny Miami was a great way to start the week. As an exhibitor, my take on the conference may be a little different than the average attendee but I am no less excited by what I saw and heard last week than anyone else. Some highlights for me were just how well this year’s event was attended, the truly great content, and the willingness of attendees to engage with vendors. 

First of all, the SCOPE conference has consistently grown in size and importance. Attendees include decision makers and innovative thinkers that are striving for excellence in clinical trials. Something new I saw this year however, were companies like Upsher Smith for example bringing representatives from a wide variety of functions to the conference, such as finance. This allows the department that controls budgets to see the issues they face on a spreadsheet from the perspective of a clinician. I can only imagine how much more productive company meetings are when team members understand the challenges faced by other departments. The design of the session tracks is also worth mentioning.

Scope again delivered on a promise of a wide variety of well-designed tracks with expert speakers. However, I especially appreciated the delivery of the Risk Based Monitoring Track which was separated into two distinct parts. On day one the topic of RBM covered the earliest stages of successful implementation; building a foundation for RBM, starting with protocol development and strong relationships with advisory bodies. Day two and three moved past the planning of trials and talked about implementing protocols with effective monitoring plans, extracting quality data in RBM trials, and new technologies that aide sponsors. The track was well  thought out and brought information for all stages of the RBM lifecycle which made it relevant to all sponsors; no matter how early or advanced their individual RBM program. 

Finally, it was refreshing to see a large variety of attendees in the exhibition hall, engaging with vendors and seeking new ideas. As an exhibitor it is always exciting to get the opportunity to talk about what we are doing at Cmed, especially with people that are actively looking for new ways to improve the way they run their clinical trials. All in all, the week felt more like gathering of old friends than a conference and that is what makes this event so special. Finally a big thank you to all those that hosted gatherings and gave us other avenues to connect with each other. Until next year…