eSource Data in Clinical Investigations 2017

Written by Cmed

Cmed, an innovative technology-led CRO, will present “Why eSource and what will it change? Accessing data in clinical trials” at the 4th Annual eSource Data in Clinical Investigations Conference in Philadelphia at 10.30am on Wednesday May 3rd, 2017.

Graham Belgrave, Cmed’s Chief Operations Officer, and Product Manager Jon Carter, will examine the principles of eSource and how it has the potential to be a real “game changer” for trial conduct and for study team roles. The presentation will explore the benefits of collecting eSource data in real-time and will demonstrate how eSource and real-time clinical data analytics can improve data visibility and reduce the number of protocol violators in a trial. It will also highlight how the capture of eSource can help to reduce study timelines without affecting data quality or patient safety.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit Cmed in the exhibit hall and discover more about encapsia, Cmed’s app-based new generation clinical data suite that has been specifically designed to be hosted in the cloud for the direct capture of source data directly on an iPad. The eSource app is just one of many available in the encapsia suite that for the first time enables a fundamentally new way of doing things. The eSource app can be used on or offline and supports concurrent data entry by multiple users, as well as multi-media data capture. Powerful, configurable visualizations give live actionable insights and immediate analytics of a trial, allowing issues and trends to be identified and analyzed easily and rapidly.

encapsia eSource is highly intuitive, having been developed with extensive site input, and both reduces the burden on sites and supports their normal clinical workflow. Web EDC and mobile eSource can now also be used together in the same trial, giving sponsors and sites the flexibility they need.

To schedule a meeting with the Cmed team during eSource Data in Clinical Investigations, contact Jessi Lanuza, Associate Director of Business Development, at