Looking forward to ASH 2017!

Written by Megan Liles, Senior Director, Clinical Operations and Delivery

The past year in the field of cellular immunotherapy in hematological malignancies has been extremely exciting. We saw FDA approval of the first CAR-T therapy for patients with ALL and then additional approvals for certain types of lymphoma. With several cellular immunotherapy products in development, it is indeed a thrilling time to be involved in the clinical trials of these novel therapies. At the annual American Society of Hematology conference this year, I am looking forward to learning more of recent advances, successes and challenges in developing these therapeutics as we all work together to overcome these hematological diseases that affect so many.

I am honored this year to attend with my Cmed colleagues who are exhibiting at ASH for the first time. I love this opportunity to meet with others and discuss new ways to improve efficiencies and transparency in their clinical studies as well as demonstrate our encapsia clinical data suite. Having focused on early phase studies the past several years, I am continually in awe of encapsia and how it is transforming clinical studies for our clients by providing them not only with analytics and visualizations of study data, but also the ability to see data from all sources within a single system. I am also excited to discuss how we can look to overcome some of the logistical challenges our clients face in terms of IP manufacturing lifecycle and sample management.

With 2017 being such a groundbreaking year for hematological malignancies and immuno-oncology, there is much to look forward to at the 2017 ASH annual meeting. I look forward to meeting you at the Cmed booth!