Harnessing the power of training gamification to develop talent

Written by Claudia Cernea, Training Specialist

In today’s fast paced, changing world, companies need to keep up with the competition and industry trends more than ever. Those that don’t, fall behind and wither away, losing both important talent as well as revenue. It’s already a given that companies need to constantly embrace innovation and new technologies to improve their models – whether they are the business models they use, the technology solutions they employ or the training methodologies they apply.

Information technology and how people relate to it, together with an increasing gen Y employee base, have opened the gate for endless possibilities in terms of re-vamping otherwise outdated training programmes. This is because employees are open to information in a way that allows them to develop and maximise their potential. Not only are they open to it, but the generation now firmly established in the workforce, which grew up with computers and gaming, expects such tools to be available to them. And this is where the corporate learning experience should be changing, especially since one in three employees confesses that uninspiring training experiences impedes their learning and may be a factor in them leaving the company in search for new opportunities.

But how can a training department address these issues and adapt to the demands of the 21st century employee? Training is not just about PowerPoint presentations, flipcharts, and sitting in a room for a few hours anymore. It’s about engaging your audience in a way that excites, inspires and offers them a learning experience they can connect to. One way of offering more effective training is gamification, a practice that infuses an element of play into workplace training, by using game mechanics to challenge and motivate employees towards high performance.

Gamification is not new, but it’s a trend that has been gaining momentum and it’s something we’ve been implementing at Cmed for some years now. We’re constantly seeking to offer employees the chance to learn new skills in ways that best suit their individual learning styles as well as their expectations.

At Cmed, we strive to continuously adapt the training opportunities we offer on systems, processes, regulations and soft-skills, to be interactive and challenging. Whether it’s a catchy video on the pharma industry trends & updates, or an interactive project management training game, it’s all about creating playful, competitive and immersed training modules. This ultimately leaves a company with employees who know how to interact with the information and concepts presented, how to apply what they’ve learned and most of all, enjoy the process of learning and being part of the training.

It’s our experience that people are happiest and actively engaged when they feel their organization is truly investing in their personal and professional development, and that’s what we constantly strive to do. The positive feedback we’ve had following the application of gamification in our training modules has been substantial. This can be attributed to a single success formula: creating a concept that captures and retains a learner’s attention; challenges, engages and entertains them – all the while delivering a seamless, subtle learning experience.

Higher recall and retention, instant feedback, enhanced overall learning and catalyzed behavioural change are just a few of the benefits of gamification and what embracing the new era of corporate training has brought.