Cmed had a great time at SCOPE 2018

Written by David Holland, Director, Business Development

The 9th Annual SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives conference was fun filled and productive. Held in Orlando, FL last week, the conference focused on innovative solutions in all aspects of clinical trial planning, management and operations.

We enjoyed speaking with many people who stopped at our booth wanting to find out more about how we combine our extensive experience in Data & Analytics with our encapsia clinical data suite to set up and conduct trials smarter and more efficiently.

Particularly, there was interest in learning about what we bring to the early phase oncology clinical research space and the advantages provided by the use of our next generation technology, encapsia.

We talked about how encapsia enables quality, accurate, reliable data faster, through its live, actionable data Insights, empowering timely decision making and corrective actions in real-time.

Participants visiting our booth had the opportunity to attend live and interactive demonstrations of encapsia and had the chance to witness how we can truly revolutionise the way we conduct clinical trials through an all-in-one seamless system for data capture, review, monitoring, medical coding, reporting, and analysis.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s time and enthusiasm during the week, and are looking forward to SCOPE 2019!

If you’re curious to hear more about encapsia, feel free to contact our team at