New website launched

Written by Cmed

We’re excited to announce that our new sister website, has just been launched. We’ve worked hard the past few months to bring it to life and are happy to be able to showcase it in time for the DIA ANNUAL MEETING 2018.

As encapsia continuously develops and grows, and our client base using this innovative clinical data suite extends, the time has come to provide our users with a dedicated site.

Our thanks go out to the talented internal team of experts that not only developed this new generation clinical data suite but also put their passion to work and created a modern, cleanly designed website with robust functionality. Their goal: providing quick and easy access to essential information and features that offer a more comprehensive understanding of how encapsia supports clinical trial data.

The homepage details how encapsia streamlines the capture, management and reporting of clinical data beyond what is currently possible. Designed as a single platform to manage all clinical data types, encapsia offers live access to all clinical data. Through its sophisticated graphical insights, encapsia provides immediate access to the latest analytics tools allowing quick, data-driven decisions and thus offering sponsors the possibility of running faster, more efficient clinical trials. has sections dedicated to the main apps within the clinical data suite like eSource, EDC, Insights or Conduct and future plans include adding more app sections as well as the possibility of creating a sign in portal for encapsia users.

We hope you like the new website, and if you have any feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter.