Cmed at DIA 2018

Written by Ellen Weiss, Director, Business Development

DIA 2018 was held at the convention center in Boston and I had expected the event to be much like every other DIA conference of the last ten years. I’ve attended most years since 2008 and followed the event from city to city across the US. I had polished up my shoes and was prepared to shake a lot of hands, talk to many, many people and stay up way too late each evening.

What unfolded was something else entirely.

For starters, the show seemed much smaller in its footprint than in years past. Despite the smaller number of exhibitors, the folks who showed up from across the world’s sponsor companies seemed determined to make the most of this rare face-to-face time in an increasingly virtual age. There were fewer forgettable booth chats and more thoughtful conversations taking place.

Those one-to-one conversations are the root of really strong business relationships. We showed up, were present and approachable, and started conversations that will go on for years, if we handle them correctly. The showing up part is the key. Our customers can do business with any old CRO. Those who choose to engage with Cmed are choosing to do business with the people who make this company run day in and day out.

As a CRO, we compete against hundreds if not thousands of competitors of all shapes, sizes and specialties. Standing out among the crowd is essential. We have a unique offering in encapsia and our booth and marketing materials were crafted to highlight that difference as strongly as possible.

So, while there were just four of us in attendance at DIA in Boston, we carried the energy and enthusiasm of hundreds with us. We’ll keep showing up, and we welcome the conversation that you wish you could have with your CRO, but haven’t.

Cmed is here to listen, to serve and to excel in executing clinical trials.