Taking the measure of unseen strength

Written by Ellen Weiss, Director, Business Development

Last winter I attended the ballet on a free evening while on business in New York.

I was struck by the power and control of the dancers on the stage. The music, the lighting and the fanciful costumes made the whole evening feel magical. Every dancer hit their cues and the performance flowed beautifully. It looked almost — easy.

What I could not see from my seat was the years and years of sweat, injuries and sacrifice that each of those dancers invested to make it to the stage of a premier ballet company. Moreover, the skill of each dancer had to fit with all the others in synchrony to make it look easy.

While work in clinical trials is certainly not filled with the visual artistry of the ballet, there are sophisticated feats of collaboration, agility and imagination required to execute a clinical trial. And Cmed’s clinical teams have those capabilities. The honed ability to continually learn makes our clinical teams towers of strength and collaboration for our customers.

As an example, one of Cmed’s Project Leads, Amy Findling brings 19 years of clinical trial experience in total with 9 years of experience in managing complex oncology trials to her work. At one point, she was managing 32 cohorts in an immunotherapy cancer study across 6 countries and 6 time zones. Similarly, she managed another oncology study that included 64 sites across 48 countries. Mounting such trials was a leap of faith by all parties involved: the sponsor, the CRO, the investigators and their very brave patients. The unfolding of these complex trials demanded skills, agility and daring from each of them. And throughout the phases of the studies, much was learned that each of these parties carried forward. Amy brings that confidence and skill and yes, artistry, to every project assigned at Cmed. How can we collaborate with you, our audience?