Reliable partners through time

Written by Ellen Weiss, Director, Business Development

My job takes me across the US and I spend a fair amount of my year on the road to meet with prospective partners of Cmed. You have heard it said before, ‘travel isn’t what it used to be’. My travel so far this year has been made by car, by train, by air and even included one memorable ferry trip on the bay in Boston. Through all of these journeys I carry a few essentials to keep me connected to the office and effective in the field. The laptop, the iPad and a couple of smart phones make it possible to do business just about anywhere.

The utilitarian value of these many devices is limited by just one thing: the array of power cords and charges that keep them all going. No charger? Then my effective workday will be cut short. Should this occur (and it has!) I find myself cutting my calls short, sending fewer outgoing messages and worse, not immediately responding to incoming messages. I attempt to prioritize my output and hope that a response can maybe, possibly wait. These power-saving days may spare the battery life of a bunch of devices, but they end up creating havoc on my productivity.

A small biotech has a lot of priorities. Like a sophisticated suite of devices, a small biotech can dazzle with their innovative programs. Going it alone, they may experience drains on powers levels as they push small staffs to turn out huge amounts of work, their resources as they advance their product through the regulatory hoops and respond to insatiable funder and shareholder demands. In a way, Cmed as a CRO is like the bag of the exact charging cords you need to keep that array of devices charged up and working at peak efficiency. Cmed is there to provide the services needed, when they are needed. Regulatory discussions, medical reviews, a just-in-time data cut for the big conference presentation? Cmed is here – and it is our mission to keep our customers connected and fully charged so that they are bringing every possible advantage to their work. Can we plug you in?