Giving You More ... Customer Service

Written by Cmed

This month we want to bring our highly experienced Data and Analytics team into the spotlight.

There are over 140 members of the Cmed Data and Analytics team working in Europe and USA. Over the last 20 years they have worked on hundreds of clinical trials across many therapeutic areas and all phases. In this time they have accumulated the data expertise, processes and technology to enable sponsors to adopt advanced and efficient techniques for the first time. These include:

  • Complex trial configurations and integrations
  • Management of novel data flows
  • Use of advanced analytics to simplify the data review of complex studies

Moreover, they have done this while providing a positive customer experience. We know this from a survey of our existing clients taken at the end of 2019:

All of the clients that responded rate Cmed’s data expertise as ‘very good’ (69%) or ‘good’ (31%).

Comments included: ‘My Cmed data managers, project managers, and programmers are all very professional and work above and beyond to meet the specific demands of the study’

Managing timelines is at the core of what our project management team does – 100% of clients were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’.

Some specific feedback: ‘Clear timelines are established and communicated for reaching milestones’, ‘even tough timelines are met. risks are flagged upfront and discussed’ ‘The PM assigned to my trial was excellent. We had some internal issues that caused delays on our side and she did what she could on her side to pick up some of the time we lost‘

Every client rated Cmed’s communication as either ‘very good’ (72%) or ‘good’ (28%). Furthermore, 91% of our clients enjoy ‘very good’ interactions with the Cmed team.

All this has been achieved while keeping quality indicators on track, with no database unlocks or repeat deliveries due to quality issues.

Praise from our customers

I believe Cmed is better quality than other providers

All Cmed’s clients have dedicated resources assigned to them and clear communication pathways, while every client project is reviewed constantly. The Project Leader one of our clients remarked: ‘Cmed is at a human size with a reasonable hierarchy which is really appreciated. I also appreciate the low employee turnover.’

As Cmed celebrates 20 years of business in 2020, we would like to extend our thanks to all our clients who have worked with us so far. Some recently embarked on their journey with Cmed while others have progressed hand in hand with our team for many years. We thank you all for joining us to bring new medicines to patients in need.