Should the Lead DM be the “conductor” of the extensive orchestra that is data management?

Written by Cmed

In one of the last industry events before the lockdown to limit the spread of COVID-19, the annual ACDM Conference on 9-10 March in Dublin saw Kirsten Bulpitt, Clinical Data Management Director with Cmed share her vision on the role of the Lead Data Manager.

Data Managers have typically been heavily involved in the incorporation of data from different sources with an active role in the management of the flow and the quality of the data. Given the exponential evolution in data acquisition and the changes in the review and monitoring of data, Kirsten asked her audience whether the Lead DM should look to specialize, leading to a multitude of experts focussing on defined areas, or should the Lead DM be a “conductor” of the extensive orchestra that is Data Management.

The topic drew a number of questions from the audience and you can now see a pdf version of the presentation here.

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