Is COVID-19 the catalyst for long overdue change in clinical trial technologies and processes?

Written by Cmed

A new strategy for conducting clinical trials that provides flexibility, immediacy and efficiency

COVID-19 has had a disruptive impact of on clinical trials, exposing the shortcomings and inefficiencies of established industry processes. In response, Cmed will lead a webinar on 29 June that will reflect on why our industry finds itself in difficulty and explore new strategies for the future.

Key topics of this webinar include:

  • The case for change including views from senior pharmaceutical executives and other industry experts
  • The reasons that so many clinical trials have been placed on hold and patients lost to treatment or follow up
  • Root causes for the industry being in the situation it now finds itself: outdated technologies, processes and workarounds that have contributed to making clinical trials inflexible, inefficient, expensive and frustrating
  • Whether COVID-19 would have been so disruptive had the industry had embraced change and modernization earlier
  • Why a new strategy is needed and how it can be achieved quickly and easily to deliver:
    • Flexibility including where and how patients are assessed and data captured
    • Efficiency and cost savings including accessing and verifying data efficiencies
    • Immediacy in having all data from all sources and all types aggregated in one place with applied live visualizations, insights and analytics
    • Speed from ultra-rapid setup to no downtime for changes.
    • Control with visibility of activities status, completeness of tasks and early alerts
    • Enable the future including being able to operationalize AI into clinical trials easily

The presentation is aimed at senior decisionmakers in clinical development, clinical operations, data, safety or innovation at sponsor organisations.

Webinar time: 10am EST/3pm BST/4pm CET on Monday 29 June

The webinar will be presented by:

David Connelly, Chief Executive Officer, Cmed Group
Timothy Corbett-Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Cmed Group
Gurpal Ahluwalia, Partner, BDO

To fit the target audience, it will be in two parts:
Part 1 - 10 min Executive Strategic Summary
Part 2 - 45 min In-depth Explanation and Discussion

Registration is free. Register your place here