Streamlining Statistical Outputs – Presentation at Phuse 2020

Written by Ian Macholl

Streamlining final editing and review of outputs

Cmed has developed a tool connected to SAS that streamlines processes to review clinical trial data. The tool uses Microsoft Add-Ins to connect SAS to Microsoft Excel to pull all the programs, logs and outputs into one place so that checking and updating processes can be done in parallel for speed and simplicity.

Helen Nicholson and Punitha Philip, Principal Statistical Programmers with Cmed, will share details on how the tool has helped with TFL (tables, figures and listings) deliveries with participants of Phuse EU Connect, the Clinical Data Science conference on 9-13 November.

The tool that Cmed’s Statistical Programming team developed has a number of advantages as it doesn’t need special software, can be used by non-programmers, allows users to identify issues quickly, facilitates reuse of code for repeat outputs and combines outputs easily.

The tool reflects Cmed’s ethos to develop greater efficiency and speed in clinical trials.