Feasibility & Study Start-Up

Rapid start-up facilitates rapid study completion – which is critical when time means money. Cmed understands. Our SMARTStart clinical study start-up process is collaborative, drawing on our team’s cross-functional expertise. From start to finish, we track and report start-up metrics to manage both clinical study timelines and compliance risks, including feasibility and site selection, trial agreement and budget negotiation, and all required regulatory submissions and approvals.

Accelerate your clinical study start-up with Cmed’s SMARTStart Process

SMARTStart is a comprehensive project launch strategy meeting covering the essential areas which drive study start-up, including:

  • Comprehensive kickoff meeting
  • Country feasibility
  • Site selection
  • Submission planning
  • Expedited site contract methodology

This process sets the stage for more efficient site initiation/activation and recruitment success. Cmed provides a dedicated team of professionals who work seamlessly with their customer counterparts to accelerate the study start-up process.

Cmed’s SMARTStart Process helps you succeed

Our cross-functional team collaborates with you upfront, to agree upon a cohesive strategy and mutually clarify expectations. We create your study execution framework upfront, helping to jump start plan development, robust risk planning, and patient identification and retention strategies. We align study placement with site feasibility, regulatory requirements and standard of care practices, limiting competing study impact. Additionally, we define key points of potential interest for the sites, to drive engagement and commitment to the study.

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