encapsia EDC

Easy to use EDC with immediate and powerful validation

New generation EDC improves the way data are captured, monitored, managed and reviewed.

Cmed delivers EDC via the Entry App in encapsia, its new cloud based clinical data suite. This modern app for traditional EDC, coupled with the full encapsia clinical data suite a single, cloud based system, offers many benefits including...


In conjunction with our unique Insights app, you are able to have real-time active visualizations of your data enabling you to make faster decisions about the performance of your study, and the completeness and quality of your data.


With our Tags App, you are able to add comments to specific data points and flag potential issues..


EDC and eSource can be used together in the same trial giving sites the choice to work with either.


When using our Coding App, Medical Coders can auto-code in real time, manage synonyms, review all coded terms and manage dictionary versions


Data Scientists benefit from secure, real-time access to all encapsia data and metadata with our Analytics App.

The Entry App along with the other exciting new Apps in encapsia now comprises a comprehensive suite of clinical data applications on a single cloud platform.