The third generation clinical data suite


encapsia is a new generation clinical data suite, not just hosted in the cloud but with its state-of-the-art technology, designed to be there. As the first App based suite available, those involved in running clinical trials can now truly change the way data are captured, monitored, managed and reviewed.

Cmed has been designing and developing eClinical systems for over 16 years. The game changing potential of encapsia is already being used by Cmed to transform the speed and delivery of clinical trials.

Benefits to Sponsors, Sites, Patients

  • Quicker trial build
  • Improved data quality with real-time access
  • Better, faster decision making
  • More streamlined processes
  • Reductions in monitoring frequency and time onsite
  • Decreased site, DM and CRA workload
  • Enhanced user experience at the site
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Shorter trial timelines
  • Lower cost of trial conduct
  • Ease of integration with external systems

Available as a suite of apps, encapsia enables...

  • Direct data capture (eSource)
  • Mobile and Web EDC
  • Data review and cleaning
  • Source data tracking
  • Issue tracking
  • Automated third party dataloads
  • Powerful, configurable visualizations
  • Live insights actionable within encapsia
  • Live analytics
  • Medical coding