Encapsia Patient Profiles

Real-time online review for easier decision-making

Empower your team to make faster trial decisions by having all patient reporting easily available!

Encapsia Patient Profiles give you interactive and actionable visualizations across all your clinical trial data in real-time and without the need to move data from one system to another. Our validated PDF Patient Profile reports can be generated whenever they are needed, so trial decisions are documented quickly and clearly.

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Insights as you need them

Your team will have access to a collection of interactive and customizable charts and tables, including the ability to assess a chronological view of a patient’s visit, investigational product exposure, adverse events and concomitant medications – along with any additional relevant patient information.

Encapsia Patient Profiles adhere to all user restrictions within the study to ensure any study blinding is strictly followed.

Patient Profile Example - picture of a clinical trial patient data report
Patient Profile Example - picture of a clinical trial patient data report


Users can create a patient profile that is meaningful for them in multiple ways:

  • Click and drag to reorder the charts and tables, or hide them entirely
  • Change the size of charts to display information optimally
  • Filter and sort the data
  • Reorder or remove columns to display only the data that is relevant to the reviewer
  • Navigate directly to other parts of encapsia to raise queries, tags or interrogate the data history.
Encapsia customization options

PDF Generation

Every user can create a validated PDF output of any Patient Profile at any time. This allows the encapsia Patient Profile to be shared with colleagues without access to encapsia for offline review, or for archival.

Patient Profile PDFs are generated and downloaded directly from the encapsia Insight with no restriction on the number of PDFs that can be generated. They remain available for download from encapsia for up to 24 hours after their generation.

Examples of pages in a PDF output
Examples of pages in a PDF output

Please Contact us for more information about encapsia Patient Profiles or to receive a sample PDF output.

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