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Judith Iancu Team Leader, CDM

As soon as I joined Cmed 4 years ago as a Data Quality Associate I, I was convinced about how important quality deliverables are to Cmed. Since then, I have developed personally and professionally and, with a great mix of soft skills and task-related training, have progressed to Data Quality Manager. While I have learned a great deal and gained a lot of data management experience through my challenging day-to-day work, my interactions with internal and external customers and the continuous drive to improve tasks and processes, there is room for even more growth. Cmed knows how to motivate. I still enjoy coming to work and am enthusiastic about the Company.

Punitha Philip Senior Statistical Programmer II, Biostats

From the day I joined Cmed in 2007 as a SAS Programmer, I have felt at home. I have been encouraged and provided with opportunities to take ownership of the projects I work on and have always felt that I have had the guidance and support to perform well. It has been exciting to see first-hand how Cmed has grown over the years. I feel that working at Cmed is a rewarding experience and that Cmed is a great place to develop your career.

Kate Chasmar Manager, Pharmacovigilance

Working for Cmed has opened my eyes as to the incredible amount of hard work and passion that go into running clinical trials. The great thing about Cmed is that not only are you able to see this bigger picture, but you actively contribute towards it as a valued member of the team. My day to day work life is so varied and presents a constant challenge. So often in this industry we are restricted to a certain task, but Cmed allows you to experience, learn and contribute to so much more. Employees are trusted and supported, and are encouraged to be creative and contribute to all aspects of the business. With this freedom and support, I have had the opportunity to progress to more senior and management roles. As well as the rewarding work, one of the best things about being part of Cmed is the hard-working, intelligent and fun people we work with.

Heather Cripps Clinical Project Manager, Clinical Operations

When I applied for a CTA position at Cmed, I was determined to learn and develop my career. I realised after a short time that Cmed was the company that would offer me this opportunity. After only 6 months I was flying to the US to train colleagues and implement the new CTMS system, and was soon appointed CTMS Administrator. I also attended client and investigator meetings and was involved in changing processes and implementing new systems and procedures. These opportunities were challenging and exciting at the same time, and support was always available. A year later I became a Senior CTA, and a year after that I am now an Associate Project Manager. I didn’t realise how ambitious I was until I joined Cmed. I have learnt a vast amount and have attended many training sessions to enhance my skills and development. Every day holds new challenges and opportunities for me to learn. I feel a valued member of the company, not just a number, and I am looking forward to my future within this company.

Noemi Cobzas Product Operations Manager

What makes Cmed stand out is the fact that I feel my work really has a part in the company's success. The career opportunities that I have been offered in the past 2 years, have been more than I was hoping for. I discovered that you can work in a place where your development is encouraged and supported every step of the way. I now have an answer to that annoying question (which is not so annoying anymore :)) of "where do you see yourself in 5 years", as the answer comes naturally: Cmed.

Mihai Balint Software Technical Lead

Creating successful software products in a regulated environment where audit documentation is very important is a challenge that can only be sorted out using technical excellence. A high degree of automated software testing is mandatory, code reviews must be thorough and the software process must be disciplined and predictable. Working at Cmed Technology has given me the opportunity to improve my software engineering knowledge and fine-tune my skills by contributing to an innovative product and creating tools to support audit-ready releases. The people I work alongside in the software engineering and testing teams are nice, capable, knowledgeable and very motivated to apply modern frameworks/tools to build excellent software.

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